The Amazing Army Gets Kids Healthy

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This interactive activity book aims to encourage and motivate children to eat fruits and vegetables and to avoid junk foods. This is achieved via the friendly cartoon illustrations and photos of children dressed up as the stories characters. The addition of the healthy eating goal chart also offers a plan of action for children to complete.

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If you want healthier kids, then this is the book for them!
It can be very hard making kids eat well when they're living in a junk food generation. All parents know that fruit and vegetables are vital for health, but sometimes kids refuse to eat them!
Boost your child’s motivation to eat fruit and vegetables (plus avoid junk foods) with ‘The Amazing Army’, an interactive, rhyming storybook for younger children (<8).
Synopsis: There is a battle of good against evil going on inside your body, where Captain Imm’une and The Amazing Army attempt to capture Bad Bugs, who can make you sick. A spy is sent out from the Bad Bugs' camp — her name is Sneaky Sweetie, and she tempts children with sweets and treats, which weaken The Amazing Army! However our hero, Major Energy, provides the winning edge with the superpower of colourful fruits and vegetables!
To reinforce the ‘fruit & veggie’ message, there are fun activities, goal chart and award, delicious nutritious recipes, and gardening 'How to grow food'.
The author also provides parents with easy-to-understand nutrition education on how to raise healthier families.
See how you child can eat better and become healthier with The Amazing Army!

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