You will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in the section below.
If you have read the FAQ and still have some questions unanswered, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do some items need prescriptions when I can get them over the counter at my local pharmacy?

    Legislation in Australia deems that “pharmacist only medication” requires personal counselling by a pharmacist on sale of the item. As Internet and mail order pharmacy does not provide this, a prescription will enable a Doctor to provide appropriate counselling. In store shoppers at ClaraPlaza do not require a prescription.
    A customer can place an order for “pharmacist only medication” online or over the phone and receive direct counselling from a pharmacist that will allow the medication to be sent without a prescription. Please phone and ask to talk to one of our pharmacists.
  • Is my order confidential ?

    All information collected by ClaraPlaza is strictly confidential. We do not provide this information to any other party for any purposes. In additoon, all ClaraPlaza staff are legally bound by conditons of employment to the confidentiality of your order and personal details.

    What happens if I am after a product that is not listed on the website?
    ClaraPlaza will endeavour to locate products that are not located on our website for sales. You just need to send the relevant information to [email protected] and we will try our best.
  • How do I cancel an order?

    The best way is to email us ASAP and we will cancel it. You must remember that in most cases, orders placed are dispatched the same or next business day. Orders that have been dispatched cannot be cancelled and will have to be posted back at the expense of the customer. As long as the packaging is in original condition, a full refund less postage will be provided. Prescription Medications are unable to be refunded or returned once they have been dispatched.
  • If I use a credit card to purchase my items can anyone else obtain my credit card details?

    We are a secure site endorsed with the Thawte Certificate. This uses the latest encryption methods to ensure security of payment. We do not see your credit card details when ordered online, with all transactions performed by the banking institutions. We do not store any credit card details, therefore additions to orders already placed will require you to phone through payment details or place a new separate order.
  • Can ClaraPlaza keep my prescription repeats on file to save me some time next time I place an order?

    Yes, just attach a note saying you give us permission to keep repeats on your file, or select the option when ordering a prescription online. The next time you place an order, we automatically match up the repeats with the order and dispatch the same day saving you time in delivery. In addition, you can also elect to receive automatic monthly email reminders to increase medication compliance.
  • Can I phone and talk directly to a pharmacist?

    Yes. We have Pharmacists available on phone 7 days a week from 8.00am – 8.000pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 8.30am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm at the cost of a local call in Australia. The phone number is 1300 367 283.
  • Can I put my families’ patient profiles on my account?

    Yes. Registered Users can create as many patient profiles they require for people they may order for. As we strive to provide the best health care we can for our customers, patient profiles ensure we can screen customers for any possible interactions.
  • I have ordered through ClaraPlaza before, but I want my next order to be delivered to a new address. How do I do this?

    You order what you require as normal and follow the prompts through the site. A question will appear saying do you want the order sent to the following address (i.e. the address you last provided) or would you like a different postage address. If you wish to change the address, select this option and fill in details, then continue as normal. If you would like to permanently change your address, send in to us at [email protected] and we alter it.
  • Where is ClaraPlaza located, and can we purchase at ClaraPlaza rather than through the Internet or mail order?

    ClaraPlaza currently dispatches from Virginia Brisbane and Hoppers Crossing-Vic. Prices on ClaraPlaza are only available through the website or mail-order. Our retail locations - ClaraPlaza - are located throughout Australia. Please click on store locations for a full list of stores.
  • What is ClaraPlaza 's Privacy Statement?

    Our web server makes a record of your visit and logs the following information for statistical purposes - the user's server address, the user's top level domain name (eg. .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc.), the date and time of the visit to the site, the pages accessed and documents downloaded, the referrring site and the type of browser used. No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities except, in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the web server's logs.
  • Why do we collect email addresses?

    ClaraPlaza requires email addresses for correspondance in regard to orders placed and registration of users. We do not use these emails for commercial use without prior consent.
  • Can I return prescription medicine or any preparation for oral use for a refund?

    No. Unfortunately due to Queensland Health regulation, medicines including any preparation that is taken orally cannot be returned for credit. This is because once the product has left the pharmacy, the storage conditions of the product cannot be guaranteed and also it is possible the product could be tampered with.
  • What is the responsibilty of ClaraPlaza Pharmacists and staff in regards to orders?

    ClaraPlaza 's prime objective is to ensure the safety of the patient in regards to the safe use of medications. ClaraPlaza staff reserve the right to refuse any orders it may deem to not fit this criteria, or of a nature that my be unsafe in its volumes or capacity for misuse. The sole discretion is that of the pharmacist in charge.
  • Does ClaraPlaza accept BPay?

    Yes. You can now pay for any orders placed over the internet with BPay. Simply select the BPay option on the payment page and note the Biller code and Reference number. This can then be paid through any participating BPay provider using a credit card or debit account. The payment will go through the next business day and your order will then be processed.
  • In the event I cannot obtain a prescription for a "pharmacist only medcine", how can I order these medications?

    A customer can place an order for “pharmacist only medication” online or over the phone and receive direct counselling from a pharmacist that will allow the medication to be sent without a prescription. Please phone us and ask to talk to one of our pharmacists.
  • Why have I been initially charged for products that ClaraPlaza could not supply?

    All orders must be paid in full before ClaraPlaza will process them. ClaraPlaza stocks in store around 90% of products ordered and orders any other products. Most of these arrive the same day the order is placed. In some instances, suppliers may not have stock of a product and ClaraPlaza was not informed until after an order was placed. We are currently developing new systems to limit this problem. In these cases, the item is cancelled from the order and a refund is given by way of a cheque or credit card refund.
  • How can I track the progress of my order?

    You can also track your order status during processing as well as delivery by logging online, and clicking on your relevant order number. The status will allow you to see the stage it is at if it has not yet been shipped, and by pressing the “track order” button after it has been shipped, you can see the latest information Australia Post has on your order.
  • How can ClaraPlaza assure professional quality standards are met and maintained?

    ClaraPlaza recently became Quality Care Pharmacy (QCPP) accredited for retail, internet and mail order pharmacy. QCPP is an industry-developed quality assurance program developed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia with the assistance of other industry stakeholders I serves to raise the standard of customer service in individual pharmacies across Australia - providing an industry-wide guarantee of retail service quality and professional practice. If your current online or mail order pharmacy is not accredited you should ask yourself why.
  • How can I pay for an International order?

    You can pay by credit card over our website. We also accept direct transfer of funds. Please contact us for more information.
  • Is there any restrictions on what I can order if I am ordering outside Australia?

    Yes, we cannot supply any prescription lines unless we have a script from an Australian registered doctor. It is also illegal to send any subsidised medicines outside Australia even if you are an Australian citizen. We cannot send any product which are illegal or restricted in the country they are being sent to. Eg we will not supply any codeine containing preparations outside Australia.
  • Do I need to have cookies enabled to use the ClaraPlaza web site?

    Yes, you must be able to accept session cookies for all functions on the ClaraPlaza site to work.
  • If I am an international customer, how can I know how much the prices are in my currency?

    The ClaraPlaza website prices can be changed to selected currencies from around the world. You can select you currency on the home page in the top right hand corner using the drop down box. The conversion rates are calculated daily using daily foreign exchange data. Once you have completed your order, your credit card will be charged the equivalent amount in Australian dollars, where your credit card issuer will then convert accordingly. ClaraPlaza does not have any involvement in the currency exchange process by the credit card providor that is viewed on your statement.
  • How are international orders sent?

    ClaraPlaza has partnered with Australia Post and EMS to ensure a fast cost effective delivery solution. The cost of the freight is calculated automatically by the site once your order is completed, with the charge being showed in Australian dollars or the currency you have selected. EMS allows the parcel to be traced online with a signature on delivery. The system is an express service that allows delivery to most western countries in 3-5 business days.
  • What happens if customs prevent my order from entering my country of stated delivery?

    As each country in the world have their own custom requirements for specific products, it is imperative that if you are not certain whether a product can be delivered to your country of origin, you should check before you place the order. Where an order is returned to ClaraPlaza by customs in a resaleble condition, we will refund the amount less the freight incurred by us to send the order in the first place.
  • Can I obtain more than one supply of a prescription medicine in one order?

    No. Unless your doctor has endorsed your script "Regulation 24" or has written the prescription for the increased quantity we are unable to supply increased amounts. Please talk to one of our pharmacists before placing an order in this case.
  • Can I have all of my repeats dispensed in one order?

    No. Unless your doctor has endorsed the prescription "Regulation 24" or has supplied a signed consent form to allow multiple packs to be supplied. You can also ask your doctor to write your script out for the increased quantity. Please note that if you do obtain multiple packs on the one order, they may no longer count towards your Safety Net limit. If you would like to know more about the Safety Net, please phone and ask to talk to a pharmacist. Medicines cannot be returned for a refund.
  • Do the ClaraPlaza stores keep the same products as listed on the ClaraPlaza web site?

    About 95% of products on the ClaraPlaza web site are kept at ClaraPlaza stores and this can vary from store to store. Not all products available at ClaraPlaza stores can be supplied through ClaraPlaza . Products that are stored in the fridge and heavy or bulky items cannot be supplied through ClaraPlaza .
  • Are the prices on the ClaraPlaza web site the same at ClaraPlaza stores?

    In most cases the prices are the same but they can vary on some items. Please check with your local ClaraPlaza store on the price and availability of products.