BioChef Atlas Juicer-Red

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Quick Overview

- Smallest footprint of any vertical juicer

- 2 juice screens made from Tritan material for fine and course juicing

- Fastest 'slow' juicer available

- Self cleaning function while in operation

- Included with juicer is a set of two ceramic knives, double sided chopping board, Food Matters Documentary DVD and 1 months subscription to health channel

- Colours available: white, red, black, silver

- Warranty: LIFETIME on motor, 5 years on parts

BioChef Atlas Juicer-Red



Introducing the BioChef Atlas Juicer, the result of over 22 years in the juicer industry; listening to our customer's feedback and refining the concept of a "perfect juicer". BioChef is a living food kitchen range designed and developed by Vitality 4 Life and the BioChef Atlas is our premier vertical cold press juicer. enzyme-protection-technology

The small kitchen footprint, whisper quiet operation, easy cleaning, lifetime motor warranty, combined with the EPT (Enzyme Protection Technology), makes the BioChef Atlas Juicer the complete package!

The Atlas Juicer is designed to be a cold press or slow juicer which ticks all the boxes and gives the customer everything they need to get started with juicing and make the juicing process as simple and straight forward as possible.

The BioChef Atlas Juicer features patented EPT™ or Enzyme Protection Technology™. This technology guarantees maximum retention of living nutrients and enzymes from produce to deliver a truly "living juice". The juice is slowly extracted from produce with no friction or heat expelled. Now you and your family can enjoy juice which is alive with vitamins and minerals, just like the fruits and vegetables. The juice beautifully rich and fuller in taste and will keep you satisfied for longer.

The juice will also last refrigerated for up to 48 hours; meaning you can juice in larger amounts and save yourself time in the mornings!

<3>The BioChef Atlas Juicer literally comes with everything you need to get started!

Not only are you getting this wonderful slow juicer which comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on the motor, you will also receive 5 wonderfully thought out gifts including: - Hard cover multi-lingual recipe book with over 80+ healthy living recipes
- Twin set of BioChef Ceramic Knives
- Bamboo Chopping board
- Food Matters Documentary DVD
- 1 months free subscription to hundreds of healthy documentaries at


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