Aquasana Handheld Shower Filter System

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Quick Overview

- Naturally healthy, chemical free water for showering

- Easy to install shower filter

- Features a water saving shower head

- Deluxe adjustable pressure enhancing ability

- Softer skin and hair in less than 1 week!

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Shower in water closest to Mother Nature intended


The Aquasana Shower Filter with Handheld Massage Wand uses patented water filtration technology to remove chlorine and reduce synthetic chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from your shower water and to balance pH, for the best shower experience possible. Without the effects of chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, your skin and hair retain moisture more effectively.

Chlorine, VOCs and SOCs remove natural oils from the skin and hair and can cause or aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses. In fact, the steam we inhale while showering can contain up to 20 times the level of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals than tap water. This is because these toxic chemicals found in tap water vaporize at lower temperatures and at a much faster rate than water.

The hand-held shower head has an adjustable swivel collar that allows for adapted water pressure and is also a convenient way to fill your bath tub or wash your baby with clean, filtered water.


The Aquasana shower experience is as close as you can come to showering in natural spring water.

The Aquasana water filter is a patented, uniquely designed two stage system that reduces chlorine and other chemicals for a healthier and more enjoyable shower experience.

This high capacity filter is easy to install and is an attractive and beneficial addition to any shower.
In Stage One of the shower filter water flows through a granular copper/zinc media for the reduction of chlorine and to enhance pH balance.
In Stage Two a high grade of coconut shell carbon is used for the reduction of synthetic chemicals that can vaporize and be inhaled with steam while showering.

The result is water from a shower filter that simply feels better... and is better for you!

The filter comes with a deluxe adjustable pressure enhancing shower head and a replaceable filter cartridge that lasts for 6 months.

- Filter cartridges will need to be replaced every 6 months. You will begin to smell the chlorine coming through the shower water
- Aquasana Shower Replacement cartridges available with the Water 4 Life program exclusive to Vitality 4 Life
"It’s like showering in natural spring water… once you experience it, you’ll never go back"
Dean McGee, Sydney, Australia.

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Brands Aquasana
Model Number AQ-4105
UPC 890496000956
Colours Available White
Included Accessories Shower filter cartridge
Warranty Lifetime with Water 4 Life Program / 1 Year without
Flat rate $25
Product Weight 1.2kg
Shipping Weight 2kg
Shipping Dimensions L 23cm x H 24cm x D 10cm
Certified NSF Certified
Materials BPA FREE
Extra Features Capacity of Filters: 6-9 months
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